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Fire Police Officer (FPO) Training Class

Certified Fire Police Officer Training Class *with restrictions
This CFPA Certified FPO Class is open to All Branford Area FD’s

Please Note: To participate in the CFPA Certification FPO Class, YOU MUST get approval from your fire depts. Chief or Other Officer(s) (No Exceptions)

When: Saturday, July 18, 2020, 08:00 start  Registration MUST be on or ideally BEFORE Friday July 10th (due to class size limitations,10 seats avail at this time)
Registration/Check-In 0730 – 0800

Class Begins Promptly @ 0800 – practical to follow classroom training (approx an 8 hour day)*There will be social distancing of 6 feet apart / Masks will be wore NO EXCEPTIONS 
Where: Branford Fire HQ; 45 North Main Street, Branford, CT
Cost: $50.00 per person

For add’l Info or registration contact Max Sabrin, PIO/CFPA email
Office/Day Ph 860.395.5550

Congrats to Newly Certified!

Huge congrats to all the newly certified CT Fire Police Officers.

(See picture – Saturday March 7 2020 – 18 Students! – hosted by Chester Hose Company, East Haddam Fire Department, North Branford Fire Department, Deep River Fire Department)

Officers Page Form

The form is up and running! Google reCAPTCHA V3 is also installed! We have a new google account for the site giving us API access to google technology such as reCAPTCHA V3 – “the silent captcha system” and which will provide us calendar functionality. 16 email addresses including two Alias addresses have been set up. Each officer and region commander has an address. Information about how to access these accounts will be provided soon. If you were wondering what “Alias Addressing” was, it is the ability to send a single email to a group of individuals. Thus we have and officer Alias and a region Alias! – More to come… Including a phone number for CtFirePolice, calendar functionality and a few other things!

More Site updates!

Our site is live and running on our own Domain Name ( and SSL is running site wide to provide a secure connection. We are in the process of adding an email form and calendar system soon so that members can subscribe to our public google calendar feed. Various site links have been updated including a link in the menu to provide you access to our Facebook group page. Our mission statement has also been updated along with other site copy. Our email system is live and qualifying officers and officials will soon be reachable by email address on our own domain and form accessible on the officers page. Stay Tuned for more!

More Updates Coming soon!

We will be adding a Calendar System, an Events page and a shopping cart system to facilitate sales of uniform necessities. We may also add a form System to allow secure and basic contact for the site operators and our officers.

Updates to the site

We have made changes to the “Officers” page to reflect the current roles and status of our operating members and positions they hold within the Connecticut Fire Police Organization. We have also updated the Mission statement on the front page of the site.